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About Us

Northwestern Supply, Inc. began in 1992, serving as one of the only few local plumbing supply store in the Oconee area. Not only does Northwestern Supply supply plumbing needs, but began as the only irrigation supplier near Seneca.  Most plumbers would have to to travel upwards of Greenville, SC, over 45 minutes away to get their supplies.  Northwestern Supply, has not just catered to contractors, they also catered to home owners, as well as utility companies.

Northwestern Supply offers many different aspects of water and landscaping needs.  From residential and commercial irrigation, drip (low volume) irrigation, drainage, to utility needs and wastewater systems.  The staff is extremely knowledgable and have a combined 100+ years of experience.  Northwestern Supply is a family owned business which was started by Mike Roach.  In 2017, Mike passed away, and his two sons Chris and Zack Roach took ownership.

Northwestern Supply, continues to operate normally as it has in the past, but still continues to expand to serve the tri-state areas of South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia. We look forward to working with you on your projects.

Started the Company
Almost three decades ago we started as a company with one man, one dream, and a small office space.  A small staff was formed and relationship began being made with contractors, municipalities, and home owners and from that point we began to grow.

Location Upgrade
Relocated to Hwy 123 and tripled the size of our inventory, customers, and building  size.  We remained there until we outgrew the building in 2003 and had to relocate to our present site where we currently are.

Change of Ownership
The ownership changed hands from Mike Roach to his two sons Chris and Zack Roach.  Both owners have grown up in the irrigation industry since they were small children, and look forward to growing the business and continue the legacy from their father, as 2nd generation owners.

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