serving the southeast for over 25 years!!

Northwestern Supply, Inc. offers a wide variety of materials to all of the local municipalities. Items from isolation valves, water tap materials, saddles, hydrants, service lines and much more. We also supply both water and sewer needs for municipalities and construction companies that work on construction sites and waterworks services.


With a wide array of the waterworks and construction industry, we offer the highest quality of service, that goes beyond the hours of business. We strive to build the strongest relationships with the municipalities, which places us in a higher level of customer service and satisfaction.


Our staff has over 50 years combined of knowledge and experience with suppling the needs and parts. Whether it be a new construction project, renovation, or repair job, we can help. We are not a huge waterworks supplier, however, we do stock items that are most normal to everyday operations. We always are excited to work with your projects.


Key Benefits of the Service

Our support, staff, and customer service provides every local municipality and construction company the benefits of getting out of a bind. Whether it be during the day, or after hours, we are here to meet your needs.

  Everyday customer support
  After hours call in (local municipalities)
 Stock of fittings, repair clamps, saddles, etc.
  All around knowledge and experience
  Provides new products for new applications

Our staff has over 50 years combined knowledge and experience to assist you in your water and sewer needs. Whether you are on a roadside or a construction, you have our support!
Our staff has the capability to assist you in any time of need, during any whether condition, with the most elite customer service!
Our commitment is to you. Regardless of what kind of bind you are in, you can count on us to be there when you need us!
Do you have a site plan that you need help with? Make An Appointment and let us help you!