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Northwestern Supply offers a complete solution for every pond builder, from full-featured Skimmers that allow for every plumbing and pre-filter preference, to versatile FilterFalls that can be upgraded as ponds mature and organic loads increase. Our staff recommends you to individually select the custom accessories for your Water Garden System, however, you can simply choose a Pond Kit that comes with all the equipment, liner and plumbing you’ll need to complete your project.


Water Gardens are living water features, offering not just the sight and sound of water in the landscape, but the enticing charm of the many plants and animals that inhabit them. Water Gardens offer an attractive and accessible stage for pond owners to observe and enjoy the fish, insects, plants and animals that live and visit there.


A pondless water feature is a simple, easy and less costly to construct and maintain, with no skimmers or filters, UVs or aerators, nor the associated maintenance. They can function without supervision, on timers, with automatic fill valves to maintain water levels and Ionizers to keep organics from building up. The gravel covering the reservoir keeps debris out so pumps don’t clog and reservoirs don’t require annual cleanouts.  They are versatile and adaptable to any site. Reservoirs can be dug to any size, shape or depth, and modular water matrix blocks keep reservoir volumes modest and less costly to excavate. Underground storage also means less water lost to evaporation, a major concern in areas afflicted by drought


Key Benefits of the Service

Watering your lawn and is the key to preserving its lushness and beauty. The experts carefully design your sprinkler system to ensure maximum coverage to your lawn. Whether you are looking for a brand new irrigation system to maintain your lawn.

  Extend your home with a beautiful garden
  Your property value increases many times initial value
 Aesthetic garden beauty that improves with age
  Allround certified and insured landscapers
  Our Landscapers attend annual training seminars