serving the southeast for over 25 years!!

In 2019 Northwestern Supply became a distributor for a complete line of professional groundskeeping products that satisfy a wide variety of groundskeeping needs. With its superior products and outstanding customer service, Northwestern Supply is services many professional sports turf managers, parks and recreation directors, and coaches in the southeast.


Northwestern Supply offers started in the athletic industry by becoming one of two distributors of Diamond Pro in the state of South Carolina.  We offer in stock, and fast delivery services for your athletic facilities. We currently stock Diamond Pro’s Double Play, calcined products, clay bricks, athletic marking dust, green divot sand, home/mound plate clay, quick dry and more.


Northwestern Supply offers bulk and aerosol paints for synthetic and natural surfaces, paint removers, paint machines, wind screens, tarps, bases, field accessories for all sports.  If it involves athletics and you need it, we can get it.  Custom items are also available, from field stencils to windscreens.  Customize your facility.


Key Benefits of the Service

Maintaining your athletic fields is a key ingredient to a safe yet enjoyable opportunity for athletes to compete at the highest level.  Outside appearance sets extreme high first impressions to your athletic facility, and parks.

  Wide variety of in stock products
  Fast delivery options
 Knowledgable in items and the industry
  Customized products
  Staff attends annual training

Our has over 10 years of experience in all phases of athletic field maintenance.
Our staff has the information that you need, and also has access to other sports field managers for other opinions or expertise with your field maintenance problems and solutions!
Our staff is committed to providing the most enjoyable experience with for you with the best customer service available in the market!
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